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The largest supplier of vegetable plants to the Garden Centre Industry in the UK.

For over 40 years Gardeners Kitchen have been commercially growing plants for sale to the retail market place, from Worcestershire in the Vale of Evesham, the home of the UK market gardener. Three generations have committed to growing the highest quality products at highly competitive prices.

Having invested heavily over the years in equipment and infrastructure we are perfectly placed to support the needs of garden centres and retail outlets throughout the UK and Ireland. We grow a huge range of products in individual pots or cells due to the improved root retention and speed the plants establish themselves.

It's time for us to close the doors to our green houses for a little while, as we wind down to the end of the current season. We'd like to thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to supplying you in 2024, until then - take care!

Free From
Chemicals, Pesticides
& Organic Pesticides

Contemporary vision, traditional values.

We grow a wide range of products, everything from the top commercial varieties grown for the supermarkets that provide the best, quickest and uniform crop, to the more specialist varieties grown for their uniqueness.

Whilst we produce many ‘traditonal’ heritage varieties that have their roots in the beginning of the 1900’s, we continually push forward and develope new products every year to ensure we are ahead of the trend curve.

We can grow our vegetables and herbs to whatever standard you require.

Variety - The Spice of Life

New this season


A new entry on the superfood list for 2023 is Chia. A member of the mint family and an herbaceous hardy annual. We are currently taking orders for Chia #superfoods

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New this season


Eat the rainbow, taste the sunshine. Have a look at the varieties available link #watermelon

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New this season


The young soya bean plants are new to our legume range for 2023 #edamame

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Farm Blog

The Peat-Free Debate 27 May, 2022

With the hot topic of peat-free gaining momentum as we all invest time to reduce climate harm in any way we can, here at Gardeners Kitchen we are embracing the move towards peat-free. Our goal is to evolve our business...

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Farm Blog

The packaging quandary 25 March, 2019

We try very hard to limit the impact we have on the environment, but sometimes it is difficult. Having decided to set up the online shop one of the challenges we have faced is how we would package the plants in a... Read more

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Farm Blog

The benefits of pesticide free produce 25 March, 2019

Back in 2012 we had a revelation. We were looking at the online market and realised consumers were not being given the option of being able to purchase pesticide and organic pesticide free vegetable plants. So we... Read more

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