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We try very hard to limit the impact we have on the environment, but sometimes it is difficult. Having decided to set up the online shop one of the challenges we have faced is how we would package the plants in a suitable material that would mean they would arrive at the customers door as fresh as they left the nursery. Frustratingly the alternatives to plastics we have tested so far have not proved suitable. So this has put us in a difficult situation. Do we risk providing a less than perfect product to our customers or go against our principles and chose a plastic packaging solution?

Realising we are a business built on our reputation to supply quality products we reluctantly had to opt for the plastic option. We have however made sure the plastic is fully recyclable the card outer also recyclable and use recycled shredded paper as wading. We would also like to encourage our customers to chop the tops off the packets and use them grow their own plugs.
We also provide our trade customers the opportunity to return their packaging free of charge so we may reuse it.

We don’t see this as the end of it we will continue to research alternative as they arrive on the market and hope our customers bare with us.

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