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Asparagus F1 'Gijnlim' (6 x Medium Plugs)

Asparagus F1 'Gijnlim' (6 x Medium Plugs)
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Gijnlim is one of the popular high yielding varieties of Asparagus, with medium thick green spears and closed purple tips.

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March to June


You will be able to cut a few spears the following spring but its best to wait until the 2nd year for the plant to properly establish when you will get a few more. Then in spring after the 3rd year you will have loads.

Growing Instructions

Plant Asparagus and plant 40cm apart in a sheltered but sunny position in well drained soil. Good drainage is a must for Asparagus. A top dressing of fertiliser is recommended. Keep well watered until established and in dry weather. They will soon start to produce new spears, leave them to grow into skinny feathery like spears and once autumn arrives they will turn yellow and you can then cut them back to ground level. The same thing will happen the following spring, they are best just left and kept weed free until the 2nd year when you will have a few more to pick. Then after the 3rd year you wont know what to do with them all!

If you in in heavy soil the best way is plant them on flat ground in a row, then in the spring, just as they start to poke through the soil, take a fork full of soil from either side of where the asparagus is and put it on top of the asparagus, creating a mound. This will help stop the asparagus getting water logged, as the water will naturally fall down into the channel you made and will warm the soil up quicker around them.


Asparagus is a long term investment you must try and leave them till the 3rd year. This will allow the crown to fully develop and give you the best Asparagus! After 6 to 8 years the yields will decrease and at some point should be replaced.