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Leeks 'Verina' (6 x Medium Plugs)

Leeks 'Verina' (6 x Medium Plugs)
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Each plug has 2-3 seedlings in.


This giant upright variety of leek, produces high yields of long white stems and dark green tops. They have a great holding ability and through cold weather. They are easy to clean and also taste great, can be picked early for 'baby leeks'.

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March to August


August to March (pull earlier for baby leeks)

Growing Instructions

Plant as a bunch 15cm apart in a sunny but sheltered position in well drained soil. Keep well watered until established and in dry weather.  Once the leeks starts to establish, you can help lengthen the white stem by mounding the soil either side of the stem up towards the green leaves (but not over them this will bury them) keep topping up as they leeks grow.


Plant leeks and carrots together as they protect each other from carrot fly and leek moth.