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Duncan F1
The best variety of pointed cabbage with dark green leaves.

Golden Acre
Compact cabbage with solid round heads.

An old early maturing variety with compact good sized pointed heads.

Hispi F1
Medium green pointed cabbage. Very early to mature.

Kilaton F1
Clubroot resistant ball-head variety.

Lodero F1
A clubroot resistant, medium sized red cabbage.

Offenham Compacta
An over winter variety with large solid pointed heads perfect variety for 'spring greens'

Savoy type with solid heavy heads good tolerance to a severe winter.

Pre Star F1
Its the earlist to mature, firm solid round heads with shiny deep green colour.

Red Autoro F1
Round to oval, dense, medium to large heads with good internal colour.

Spring Hero
An over winter variety with large solid round heads with a medium green crisp creamy white heart and good flavour.

Stonehead F1
Crisp texture with creamy white incredibly solid heads.

Wintessa F1
Late maturing variety with a good standing ability. Grey/green fine blistered heads.