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Chard - Rainbow Mixed
A beautiful range of brightly coloured Chards

Slow to bolt coriander with dark green leaves and an aromatic flavour.

Flat Leaf Parsley
Heavy yields of flat green leaves with serrated edges and good flavour.

Kale Mixed
Mixed Green and Red Kale.

Lambs Lettuce
Lambs Lettuce is also known as Corn Salad. Long oval leaves with a slight nutty/buttery flavour.

Mixed Mizuna & Mibuna

Mixed Mustards
Three colourful varieties of Mustards.

Mixed Pak Choi
A mix of Red and Green Pak Choi

Rocket - Green Brigade
Quick growing rocket with serrated upright leaves and a distinctive peppery flavour.

Spinach - Amazon
A heavy yielding spinach with dark green foliage

Small dark green foliage with a creeping habit. Tiny white flowers. Does NOT need running water!