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Arctic King
A compact, hardy over winter butterhead type. With bright green leaves.

Berlo (indoor)
An over winter indoor butterhead type, with pale green leaves.

Continental Mixed
A medley of continental red and green Lettuce.

Continental Mixed Red
A mixture of pink to red lettuce.

Green Batavian
Crinkly crisp green leaves, non hearting type.

Green Frills
Frilly green leaves which are crisp and succulent.

Green Lollo Bionda
Open leaved lettuce with fringed pale green leaves.

Green Oakleaf
Loose crisp textured foliage with a well closed base.

Green Salad Bowl
A fast growing rosette with light green deep cut leaves.

Lambs Lettuce (baby Leaf)
Also known as Corn Salad. Long oval leaves with a slight nutty/buttery flavour.

Lettuce - Little Gem Improved
A dwarf compact variety with tight heads. Excellent quality, crisp sweet leaves and its fairly quick to mature.

Musette Improved
A compact butterhead variety with a shiny mild green colour.

Radicchio Indigo
Maroon thick leaves with white ribs. Half way between a lettuce and a raw cabbage with a slight bitter taste.

Red Batavian
Crinkly, crisp, thick cherry red leaves with a hint of green at the base.

Red Little Gem
A dwarf, compact, deep red leaved lettuce slightly bigger than 'Little Gem'.

Red Lollo Rosso
Open leaved lettuce with fringed deep red leaves and green at the base.

Red Oakleaf
Loose crisp textured foliage with dark red leaves.

Red Salad Bowl
A fast growing rosette with deep cut, long brownish red head. Sometimes mistaken for an Oakleaf.

A large dark green and bronzish/red butterhead variety which is slightly blistered and shiny.

Saladin Iceberg
Probably the most popular of the Icebergs with incredibly crisp bright green leaves.

Valdor (baby leaf)
Winter hardy butterhead type with dark green heads.

Webbs Wonderfull
An old popular iceberg variety with solid crisp centre and wrinkled outer leaves.

Winter Density
An old favourite semi cos type with solid dark green centre and wrinkled leaves.