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Patio - Aubergine
A dwarf compact Aubergine plant with tender small fruits.

Patio - Chilli 'Apache'
A dwarf plant producing a mass of tiny red chillies with a medium-hot heat.

Patio - Green Beans
A dwarf compact bush variety producing 10cm long round pods.

Patio - Mowhawk
Dwarf plant producing sweet orange peppers

Patio - Pea 'Onward'
Heavy crops of fat sweet peas!

Patio - Potatoes
Easy to grow potatoes on your patio.

Patio - Runner Bean
A compact dwarf Runner Bean variety with red and white flowers.

Patio - Sweet red Pepper 'Red Skin'
Dwarf plant producing giant sweet red peppers.

Patio - Tomato
A bushy compact variety with round medium sized red tomatoes.