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Ailsa Craig
Medium sized fruits with exceptional favour, cropping early.

Early cropper of medium sized, firm, fleshy, round red fruits.

Small red plum tomatoes can be picked loose or on the vine.

Black Cherry
Old variety sweet bite sized blackish-purple skin with dark red flesh.

Crimson Crush
A blight resistant variety producing high yields of great tasting fruits weighing up to 200g.

F1 Panavoy
A vigorous variety with high yields of good sized round red fruits.

Ferrari F1 Improved
Great old fashioned flavour, high yields and medium sized red tomatoes.

Gardeners Delight
Heavy cropper of lots of small sized round red fruits.

Golden Sunrise
An early maturing variety, medium sized fleshy golden yellow tomato with a distinctive flavour.

Grafted Tomatoes
Six varieties of popular tomatoes grafted to a rootstock.

A popular heavy cropper of medium sized red fruits.

Mountain Magic F1
High yields of medium sized toms that are blight resistant!

Mountain Pride F1
A large red beefsteak variety with red fruits 10-12cm wide.

Patio - Totem F1
A bushy compact variety with round medium sized red tomatoes.

Red Alert
A quick maturing bush variety with round red fruits.

A heavy cropping bush type, with small red plum tomatoes.

Shirley F1
A vigorous grower producing medium sized, firm, fleshy red fruits.

Sun Belle Yellow
High yields of sweet small yellow plum tomatoes.

A vigorous grower producing delicious bite sized orange round tomatoes

Supersweet 100
Early maturing heavy yieldling sweet mini red, round tomatoes.

Sweet Aperitif
The sweetest cherry tomato you'll ever taste, huge crop of bite-size red fruits with a refreshing sweet flavour.

Sweet Millions
A heavy cropper of mini super sweet red tomatoes.

Tomatoberry F1
Little red strawberry/heart shaped tomato with a super sweet taste.

Tumbler F1
A compact bush type with small round red fruits.

Tumbling Tom Red
Compact bush variety with sweet red cherry tomato's.

Tumbling Tom Yellow
Heavy yielding bush variety, small yellow fruits with good flavour.