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Beetroot - Golden
Globe shaped yellow/orange roots.

Broad Bean - Giant Exhibition
One of the longest pods available on the market. A heavy cropper of up to 10 beans per pod with great flavour.

Cabbage - Golden Acre
Compact cabbage with solid round heads.

Cabbage - Greyhound
An old early maturing variety with compact good sized pointed heads.

Cabbage - Ormskirk
Savoy type with solid heavy heads good tolerance to a severe winter.

Cauliflower - All Year Round
Compact large white heads, is possible to harvest most of the year.

Cucumber - Telegraph
Old reliable favourite up to 40cm long fruits which are bitter free.

French Bean - Canadian Wonder
High yields of flastish round pods with good flavour

Leeks - Musselburgh
An old reliable medium length leek with good flavour.

Lettuce - Webbs Wonderfull
An old popular iceberg variety with solid crisp centre and wrinkled outer leaves.

Lettuce - Winter Density
An old favourite semi cos type with solid dark green centre and wrinkled leaves.

Runner Bean - Painted Lady
A climbing variety with red and white flowers.

Runner Bean - Scarlet Emperor
A climbing variety with long pods and red flowers.

Sprouts - Evesham Special
An old favourite, heavy cropper over a long period.