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Arctic King
A compact, hardy over winter butterhead type. With bright green leaves.

Berlo (indoor)
An over winter indoor butterhead type, with pale green leaves.

Cabbage Compacta
An over winter variety with large solid pointed heads perfect variety for 'spring greens'

Potatoes ready for your Christmas meal.

Golden Ball
Autumn variety with a sweet tasting golden yellow flesh and golden skin.

Japanese Keepwell F1
Over winter variety with brown skin with white flesh slightly flattened round bulb.

Jerome F1
A winter variety with excellent curd quality and good flavour.

A large dark green and bronzish/red butterhead variety which is slightly blistered and shin

Spring Hero
An over winter variety with large solid round heads with a medium green crisp creamy white heart and good flavour.

Valdor (baby leaf)
Winter hardy butterhead type with dark green heads.

Winter Density
An old favourite semi cos type with solid dark green centre and wrinkled leaves.